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NCUE’s Library and Computer Center were merged on August 1, 2015 to become the Office of Library & Information Services, whose service scope includes book circulation, system development, etc. 


Introduction to book services:

NCUE Library’s major work is to support teaching / research needs of our faculty members and patrons so as to fulfill its share in the university’s missions.


In response to the advent of the age of electronic networking, NCUE Library have continued to collect not only the widest range of books, periodicals, both in languages of our own and others, but also diverse electronic databases and e-books.


We have two libraries located at our two campuses, the Main Library and Bao-Shan Library. To be of most convenient service to our patrons, hours of service have been extended up to 177 hours per week. In addition, we are also furnished with reading areas, group study rooms, audio and video equipments in spacious seats, close carrels, leisure reading tables, conference rooms, and a lecture hall. The overall design offers tasteful, serene, and classic space for our patrons to enjoy quiet and comfortable reading.


Looking forward to the future, we will continue to contribute our efforts by using the faiths we have long been holding onto: simplifying the workflow, professionalizing librarians, quantifying results, digitalizing knowledge, instantaneous service, human management, and beautifying space. 


Introduction to information services: divided into two parts

Network and Information System Management Section: This section is responsible for managing the overall planning, coordination management, maintenance, and consultation services of the information related system and equipment and the communication and network related equipment in order to provide a 24-hour wired and wireless network, e-mail, authorized software downloading services for all the university’s employees and students, to provide seven individual computer classrooms for use free of charge, and to support relevant computer lessons, as well as offer information technology consultation services to all the university’s employees and students. 


System Development Section: This section is responsible for managing matters related to administrative computerization, such as the development and maintenance of a school affairs administrative computerization software system, including the educational administration system, study affair system, human resource/salary/attendance system, student recruiting system, and various e-formalized administrative systems. Its goals include actively developing an overall e-formalized campus environment; constantly reinforcing the university’s administrative information system in order to enhance administrative efficiency and provide more convenient information services for all teaching and administrative staff; coordinating with management / teaching / administrative unit planning and continuing to develop the information system; promoting paperless administrative operations (such as an online document system and a meeting data downloading system); assisting the information servo system of each unit to integrate to VM; providing quality digital study services; and creating added value. We expect everyone to learn and grow together at NCUE.

  • Source:彰化師範大學圖資處
  • Date:2017-03-15