Students’ dormitory network management

Students’ dormitory network management

Originally, students had to personally complete the application form and use the network card number that corresponded to the IP address. Applying was absolute chaos.

Now, the dormitories have fixed IP addresses and independent network sessions (VLAN), as well as a network management system lead-in the dormitory.


   If the dormitory’s network provisions are violated, the system is automatically limited in order to provide the internet, and the student’s computer shall display the following message.


The Office of Library & Information Services would like to remind you that:


1. Seeing this screen means that your flow has gone beyond the limits of 5GB uploading and 5GB downloading each day; you are welcome to try to re-connect to the network after 24 hours.


  The aforementioned “24 hours” means that if a student’s network locks at 2:00 p.m., it shall automatically unlock at 2:00 p.m. of the next day.

  To inquire about your off-line time, please visit


2. For improved student convenience, you cannot currently link to the outside; if the total flow of one day goes beyond 8GB/day, your IP will be manually locked.

  At this point, your network will be unable to connect inside or outside of the university; go to the "Network and Information System Management Section" of the Office of Library & Information Services to find the relevant unlocking procedure if your IP is locked.

  For the manual lock inquiry website, visit


  If a student’s network is locked because of surpassing the 5GB uploading and 5GB downloading limit, the student may still use university resources, such as department websites or the course selection website, which should still be available.

  However, when the total flow (upload + download) of the student exceeds 8GB, his/her IP will be manually locked, after which the student must go to the Office of Library & Information Services to unlock it.


3. The period for which GB usage is measured by the Office of Library & Information Services is from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. each day; then the flow after 11:59 p.m. shall count towards the next day.


4. All network actions involve uploading or downloading behavior, so please pay attention to your usage; if a student wants to inquire about the flow of his/her computer, he/she may visit the following methods.

  1) Office of Library & Information Services Top 100 webpage (please do not mount the Proxy outside the university when browsing this webpage)

  2) Use Net limiter Monitor to watch your computer flow. For more information, visit the official Net limiter website.

    Or use Bit Meter Installer to monitor and control your usage. For further details, refer to the inside download of Bit Meter Installer.

  • Source:彰化師範大學圖資處
  • Date:2017-03-15