Encrypted virtual gateway network SSL VPN

Encrypted virtual gateway network SSL VPN

The encrypted virtual gateway network (also called SSL VPN) can establish a safer encrypted network transmission environment for NCUE’s employees and students. While a portion of the system is only for the use on campus, SSL VPN can be used at home.

The principal functions and applications of the SSL VPN system are summarized as follows:

u   Off-campus Windows KMS authentication.

u   Off-campus use of the library’s electronic database system.

u   Off-campus use of the software package to receive and send e-mail.

u   Improve the network application system’s safety.

u   Improve the remote desktop’s inline security.

  Find more about the system website at https://sslvpn.ncue.edu.tw/.

  • Source:彰化師範大學圖資處
  • Date:2017-03-15